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Salt? All you get is salt?

It was our 8th wedding anniversary this week – not a terribly important one in the greater scheme of things but another year ticked off.  The fact we’ve been together 15 years seems slightly more momentous or at least something that should be Done Properly however it is one does that

In a burst of probably misplaced romanticism I decided to try to find a suitable present for Mr M – a small attempt at romance

Silly me

Turns out that tradition dictates that having survived 8 years of wedded bliss you are eligible for … salt …


Surely something better should be on offer – afterall you are nearing 10 years and please someone tell me that I get more than a pat on the back for making it through that threshold? 

Interestingly pottery is also an option – presumably because having survived the 7 year itch couples spend the year between 7 and 8 throwing crockery at each other? 

Having reviewed the options available I have decided that I am buying us both, from each other, a salt pig – not that we use much salt but at least it does combine pottery and the salt – and it is going to look pretty sat on the back of the Aga 

Romance – yup on its last legs, quietly choking in the corner round here at Muddling Towers

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