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Dairy free life – foolproof light as a feather chocolate fudge cake

Everyone needs a throw it all in in 10 minutes and bang in the oven foolproof chocolate cake and this is the one – super speedy, light as a feather and no dairy too

I use Cadburys drinking chocolate which is surprisingly dairy free – do check the labels for some reason some brands seem to like to add in a bit of milk powder – grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Dairy free foolproof light-as-a-feather chocolate fudge cake

For the cake

20cm loose bottomed cake tin lined and greased

100g self raising flour

100g caster sugar

25g drinking chocolate

1tsp baking powder

6 tbsp sunflower oil (don’t be tempted to use olive – it tastes BAD in this cake)

3 tbsp oat milk or other milk substitute

2 eggs


For the fudge icing

25g dairy free spread

1 tbsp oat milk or other milk substitute

100g icing sugar

2 tbsp drinking chocolate


Measure the dry ingredients (flour, drinking chocolate, sugar and baking powder) into a bowl.  Pour the other ingredients (egg, oil and oat milk) into a jug and beat together – don’t worry it is supposed to look a bit strange.  Pour the oil etc mix into the flour mix and beat with a spoon or blitz with an electric mixer until smooth – it will look a lot more liquid than normal cake mix

Pour into the lined tin and pop in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until it has risen and is pulling away from the sides – I use an Aga so it goes on the grid shelf on the bottom of the roasting oven with a cold plain shelf on the 2nd rungs, alternatively cook at 200 degrees C

Leave to cool and then turn out

Whilst it is cooling melt the dairy free spread in a small pan, mix in the drinking chocolate and then quickly stir in the oat milk.  Take off the heat and mix in the icing sugar until you have a smooth paste

If you’re being a perfectionist prepare the top of the cake by spreading with warmed up strawberry jam or you can just spread straight on and cover up any imperfections with hundreds and thousands


This is a variation on a recipe I found in Aga Cakes

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