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Olympic Grand Day Out

I really wanted to try and take the girls to something Olympic – yes at 2 and 4 they are probably a bit young to remember too much about it but I felt that this was a wonderful opportunity to see Olympics at home and to experience it.

The great thing about taking children to the Olympics is that you pay their age so taking both of them cost us a whole £6 – bargain!

We found tickets online for the fencing (and a few other things – there are still tickets coming up online and tickets for the Paraolympics too) and headed off to London yesterday to catch the action.


We had reasonable seats, the atmosphere was great and the girls either watched the fencing (sorry Littler, it’s not called fighting) or played on the ipad or worked their way through our backpack full of food.

Afterwards Littler went back into the sling and we went on the new cable car over the river from Excel to the O2 (top tip: get an Oyster card and you can walk right past the queue and almost straight onto it) and then got the boat back along the river – half an hour of seeing London from a different angle and you get a 1/3rd off with the Olympic travel passes.

The whole Olympic experience was superb – we got pulled off to one side to avoid queues because we had the girls with us, there were plenty of loos and places to sit outside the arena (especially helpful since we are toilet training Littler – argh!) and everyone was so friendly.

The travel was easy – far less busy than my normal commute (admittedly that may be busier than some like) and no real waits to get on anything even when we tried to use every form of transport available in London.

So go for it!  There are still tickets available online, it is easy with children and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Just remember to pack plenty of snacks and macs for the inevitable rain.

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