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Pop that in your pipe and smoke it!

Today didn’t start well, had some fairly terrible bits in the middle but incredibly had a moment of pure beauty just before I headed home from work

I had my work appraisal – usually something I look forward to about as much as a root canal (feedback usually is that I’m not aggressive enough and I need to speak louder…)

And to be honest I didn’t go into the ‘chat’ thinking it would be anything other than a way to make a bad day worse

Wrong again Muddling!

Incredibly Bossman had asked the 3 external people I have worked with since the start of the year for feedback (eeeeeeep!) and the comments were incredibly positive – collectively they rated me 9.9 out of 10, they said I was intelligent, articulate, excellent and bunch of other lovely stuff

The only negatives were I need to speak louder on conference calls and I probably should try to hide getting grumpy when people are being numpties. ¬†Given people have been suggesting that since I put in my UCAS form I think I’m just going to have to accept that I don’t suffer fools gladly and move on – sorry put that on my list of development areas for next years. ¬†Ahem

He said I’d done a good job, he asked for more detail on the other stuff I’ve done that isn’t client related that I was fairly certain he hadn’t bothered to recognise and best of all…

…wait for it…

He admitted that despite having taken on the flexible contract, the contract he was still convinced in March wouldn’t work out, that the quality of my work and my client service hasn’t been anything other than good


Double ha!

I have shown them that it is possible to do this job on a flexible contract, I have shown that you can do less than full time and still do client facing work and that makes me INCREDIBLY proud

Another nail in the coffin for the dinosaurs who say we can’t work less than 100%, flexible working destroys client service and that having a baby suddenly changes your ability to do your job as well

Now I just need to make sure I get a copy of that email to put into my folder of things to read when the world looks bad because it seems that I need to stop doubting myself and remember that I can do this and I can do it well


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