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Sneezes and sniffles and advance planning

This morning I realised that there are some conversations that Mr M and I have been having for far too long

Come this autumn we’ll have been together for 15 years – which when I think about it in stark terms makes me feel really very terribly old.  Needless to say I was only a slip of a girl when we met.  Ahem

It is summer, peak hay fever season and, as he does every single year, Mr Muddling’s hay fever has really kicked off at exactly the same time as Queens – it happens like clockwork every year, even he accepts that come the tennis championship season he really does suffer

And hypothetically he realises that he needs to take antihistamines and that these can take a while to work

So why oh why oh why have we had to go through the annual things my husband has said to me today…

I can’t find the pills

What do you mean they’re on the fridge

Oh yes they are – didn’t realise that ‘that’ packet was hayfever pills [it’s the only ever packet of pills put on the fridge because he MIGHT just see them when getting out the milk to make tea…]

Have you taken the nasal spray

Well yes it is your nasal spray

I don’t like using it – it makes my nose sting

Yes ok it does work

I’ll go into town and get some

No I’ve just started taking the pills

No they aren’t working

Well you do say they take a few days but they aren’t working

I don’t enjoy waking the whole house up with my sneezing

Oh yes it is that time of year

Don’t you feel sorry for me?



To add nothing to the small matter that his just knock a few partitions down bit of DIY has turned into put on a new roof, redo the floors and walls and add in new windows to the space above the garage… so far we’re two skips down and more to do and someone may have accidentally turned off the chest freezer that lives in the garage…

If he didn’t have some redeeming features I’d be struggling to be nice to him

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