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Tipping point

Sometimes you read something and, as you read it, inside your head there are voices screaming ‘how can we let this be happening?’.


This week I read about the massacre in Houla and all I could wonder is how we can live in a world where civilian women and children are killed, not by an accident of inaccurate artillery fire but by over a hundred separate acts of deliberate violence.


There are pictures of beautiful, children – just like yours or mine – looking peaceful except for the reality of the brutality of their death – a single bullet wound, a machete slice to their head, a missing limb.


This is not right.


I am not sure that one voice can have much impact but today parent bloggers are trying to raise awareness of this awful atrocity and are saying this is enoug – stop the slaughter.


Individually we are a single voice, hopefully together we are loud enough to make people stop and listen and take action.


Please consider signing Save The Children’s petition,watch twitter and the #tippingpoint tag and go and read the other great posts around the blogosphere.


On our own we are just single voices shocked and appalled, perhaps together we can try to stop this ever happening again.

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