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Things I have learnt recently

 When knitting it would be terribly helpful to have another hand (possibly two?) – I’m trying my first Milo and keep dropping stitch markers and generally getting rather tangled up.  Loving being back knitting again but a touch daunted by all of this and my first attempt at cables.  Gulp


I am not a fan of building works – large parts of the floor we had put down last year (yes, the whole rip the house up thingy that meant we lived in a damp, smelly barn for 4 months…) have had to come back up again.  Yes Mr M and the builders are trying really hard to not cause too much disruption but the whole moving furniture, can’t quite get everything finished and mess is getting to me.  I want to get the downstairs of our house finished and all nice.  And I really would like it done now.


There are roughly a million things that get in the way of blogging – knitting, blankets to finish, work, children who won’t go to bed without a nightly battle.  I really must stop writing posts in draft and actually start posting them again.


Even when I don’t blog I can still have a day when I get lots of hits – no idea why but I do have a sneaky suspicion that the blog has done better this last year when I’ve posted less than usual… wierd


At least the wet weather is good for the garden – everything is growing like weeds, especially the weeds… and the grass


I’ve just realised in a fortnight’s time we’ll be on holiday!

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4 comments to Things I have learnt recently

  • I love knitting cables, love them. I’m really quite annoyed that I couldn’t find any patterns in all my books for any girly cable cardys. I may have to just add some in for fun.

    As for blogging, for some reason I often have a lot of hits on a Sunday night, even if I’ve not blogged at all that week. Perhaps there isn’t much on telly.

  • Ah. I can’t do knitting once the sun is shining. Definitely a winter sport for me.

  • Sounds like your’e going to need your holiday! Too many weeds in our garden too, I do keep telling myself that I’m going to sort them out today but something more pressing comes along! xx

  • 2 things – the first I can’t remember because I’m back quite late from a work reunion and should be in bed and the second is that you have spelt weird wrongly which isn’t a big problem but if we are going to be on stage together shortly you need to know how to spell that word.

    Oh yes, first thing – finishing blankets – WHAT DO YOU MEAN?????



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