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I have an incredible magnetic bottom

I’d always wondered if being a mother would confer any super powers – you know like actually being able to have eyes in the back of my head or super sensitive hearing.  Actually come to think of that I did have that for a while but sheer exhaustion and Mr M taking the night shift seems to have done wonders for limiting that power.  Be careful what you wish for and all of that



 But I have discovered one super power – I’ve extensively tested this before sharing with you just in case it was a fluke but it isn’t.



I have an incredible magnetic bottom.



No matter how occupied the girls are, how engrossed in their games, how little attention they are paying to me, if I sneak off to the loo within minutes they have both appeared drawn in by my magnetic bottom.



Distance doesn’t seem to be an issue – I can sneak off to a loo nearby or far away and they will still be able to find me, drawn by the magnetic bottom.



It’s all powerful – no other adult is able to intervene to stop them being pulled in by its power.



The only question that remains is if they go missing am I going to be able to magically draw them back to me by dropping my drawers in public?


Anyone else similarly afflicted?

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