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Before and after

When we moved into our house we reckoned that it would be a 5 year project to sort it out and make it lovely.


Needless to say we had our 5 year anniversay at the start of the month and there are still a few things on the to do list…  But we are getting there, slowly.


I’m trying to step back from the endless lists and focus on the things we have done that have made a big difference.


One of the lovely things about moving out of London was having a garden and enough space for a vegetable patch – over the last 5 years I have gradually created a vegetable garden out of a patch of overgrown chaos.  The big change this year has been putting in rabbit proof fencing – it no longer feels as if I am growing vegetables just to provide healthy snacks for the local rabbit population.


This weekend not only did Mr Muddling make me a super new frame to grow peas up but he also put wood about the bottom of that rabbit proof fencing so it won’t have holes made in it when we strim the grass around it (yes, I did have to spend an hour tying the holes up before he put the boards on – talk about 2 steps forward, 1 step back).  We have herbs, asparagus, spinach, raspberries, rhubarb, carrots, peas, brocolli, cauliflower and potatoes already happily growing – just have to decide how big a glut of courgette I want to have this year!


And doesn’t it look lovely!

Especially when you compare it to the view 5 years ago…


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