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What makes a top blogger?

What makes a top blogger?

The annual awards season is on us and, as usual, it has created no small amount of soul searching about what makes a top blogger and if the blogs leading these competitions are truly the best blogs.  Various people have been upset to about the contents of various lists and there have even been rumours of people outsourcing multiple voting to India… or at the least finding ways to try and make their vote count more than once…

But in some ways all of that is beside the point. 

For me a ‘top’ blogger is one that writes a blog I want to read, that I keep going back to, that I want to comment on.  They also are in touch around the blog-sphere, commenting on other blogs and engaging on twitter and facebook – they don’t just sit there hoping their blog is the best, they go out of their way to make blogging about more than just the posts they put up.


Blogging has been a great outlet for me – initially it helped me get through a fairly rubbish pregnancy and then helped me keep a foot in the Mummy world when I went back to work.  Since then it has given me some fabulous opportunities and I’ve been lucky enough to meet people through it that have become firm friends.  Blogging doesn’t owe me a thing and I’m grateful to it.


But blogging has also given me some strange moments – take this weekend.  Yesterday evening, a group of local bloggers tried to see how many of us we could cram into an electric car.  As you do.


We didn’t do it because a collective madness had hit the home counties but to help local blogger Daddacool to try and win a Nissan Leaf 100% electrical car.  If you want a chuckle, have a look as we all try and get ourselves in.  Final tally was 11 and a half Mummy bloggers (we had a bump on board) and one 6’5 Daddy blogger and lots of laughs.  Oh and a handbag. 



If you wouldn’t mind voting for Alex (it takes about 10 seconds) – here’s the link.


Despite all of that I’m very chuffed to be in the shortlist for the BIBs and a nominated blog for the MADs – if you could vote for me here or here I would be very grateful.  I’ll even come around and try and fit lots of people in a small space if that would help!


Photo thanks to Choc Ice & Chips

Video by Daddacool

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  1. Fame for my handbag at last! ;-)

  2. How did you find out about me outsourcing my votes to India?

    Actually, you have to admire the level of evil genius that would think of that!!

    • I know everything ;)

      Am probably only raising it because I’m jealous I didn’t think of it!

  3. The outsourcing rumours are hilarious? I’m just touched to have had a nomination. I don’t have massive follower figures, I’m under no illusions about winning any blogging bunfights. But as you say, a nomination is really nice although for me it is nice in exactly the same way as when someone you have never met, or even come across you online anywhere, finds something you have written and it makes a connection and they email you or comment. That is the most touching thing of all!

    • Same here – love the comments (but still a touch marked I didn’t think of the outsourcing thing)

  4. Thank you for this, I have only been blogging for two months so it’s great to read this post. I think you are right, that a great blog is one you want to read.


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