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Free to a good home – 1 imaginary cow

On and off for the last year we have had visits from Bigger’s imaginary friend, Caramel the cow…


She even came with us on holiday last summer and camped in a tent with her Mummy on the headland just beyond the garden of the house we were staying in.  I never knew cows knew how to put up tents but it appears that they do.


She hasn’t been around much until earlier this month when she came over and decided to cause chaos in the girls’ room.  And she didn’t stay around to help tidy it up either.


Except this weekend she has been a right pain.  She’s walked off with the rubbery bit that goes around the bath plug and keeps the water in (we’ve had to improvise with rubber bands…), she upturned the fuzzy felt all over the playroom and she has been encouraging Bigger to do various things on that have ended up with the two of them sat on the naughty step.


Short of turning her into imaginary beef burgers I’m at a bit of a loss for what to do.


How on earth do you get an imaginary cow to comply with the house rules?


Or even better, how to do persuade an imaginary cow that she lives outdoors or somewhere very, very far away?


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