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Bed swapping

Ok so we have had various bugs, I’ve worked far too many hours and Mr Muddling is turning the house upside down with various improvement projects but things are now going crazy here


Tonight we are sleeping as follows


Littler not in the bottom bunk in the girls’ room but back in her cot in the spare room


Bigger in my bed… obviously… since this appears to be her default setting… nice to be wanted etc etc etc


Mr in Littler’s bottom bunk bed


So where on earth do I go to sleep?


It’s like bedtime roulette over at Muddling Towers tonight!

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2 comments to Bed swapping

  • DH and I have been celebrating the fact that, for the last three days, both our children have slept in their beds all night without once moving, waking or disturbing us. I was beginning to think that we’d never get guests to stay because there wouldn’t be a bed spare for them…..you do wonder when it will all end, don’t you?

    • I have given up and Littler is back in a cot and bedtime is back to manageable – last time I let other people mess around with bedtime. I so need my sleep (obviously Bigger was with me last night all night because she was poorly but you get the drift)

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