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Are we the only ones with nutty family traditions?

Surely ours cannot be the only family that have a variety of strange things we MUST do to mark special occasions? 


I’ve just had to go and skulk on the fire escape so I can sing happy birthday to my sister – nothing like being caught mid song to bolster your professional image.  Despite the potential for embarrassment and the logistics of finding somewhere in our overfull office where you can get 5 minutes of peace and quiet and nobody walking in on you I HAVE to find a way to call my family on their birthday and make sure I sing to them


And they do exactly the same for me.


Over the years I’ve had calls from all manner of corners of office buildings as we try to not embarrass ourselves whilst also complying with the Family Tradition


Sadly it isn’t just limited to birthday singing but also to endless things that make perfect sense to us but leave incomers looking at us as if we’re nuts.


Take Christmas crackers – normal families seem to pop to the supermarket, pick up a box and pop them on the table to pull during Christmas dinner.  We don’t.  Instead my Mum finds small gifts, wraps them up in layers of bubble wrap or hides them in boxes and then before we can get pudding we have to guess the contents.  Hours of ‘fun’ for all the family.  I still maintain that guessing a camel in a tin is the all time winner but there you are. 


As I said other people view this slightly askance whilst we merrily get on with poking, prodding and shaking the packages and trying to guess each others…


Thinking about it, and this is assuming you all have these family funnies, this is the hardest thing about stopping being a couple and becoming a family – how do you blend two people with two different backgrounds and where there are all manner of tiny family traditions that are totally alien to the other half? 


How do you create a new version of these traditions that takes the best of each but doesn’t leave anything important out?


And more importantly, how do I ensure that in 20 years time our girls are standing on a fire escape singing happy birthday to their aunt?



I’m incredibly chuffed that someone, or possibly several equally wonderful someones, nominated me in the outstanding category for the BIBs – thank you very much for nominating me if it was you and I’d be terribly grateful if you voted for me (just click here)

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