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Dairy free life – sparkly rice krispie squares

Bigger has just had a birthday – this year I was determined that I would not be cooking fairy cakes at 11pm the night before and so started making things a little bit in advance.


You know these – they bring back memories of childhood parties.


A special twist is a sprinkling of edible sparkly stars – perfect for a bit of party glamour.


Only question is whether the parents or the children will prefer them…


Dairy free sparkly rice krispie squares

45g dairy free spread

300g bag of mini marshmallows

180g rice krispies

Edible glitter to shake over


Melt the dairy free spread in a large pan, when it’s melted tip in the marshmallows and on a low heat let them melt, stirring occasionally (be careful or they will scorch before they melt)



This next bit needs you to move fast – have a greased and lined tray ready, your rice krispies measured out and a spatula for smoothing


When they’re all melted and combined tip in the rice krispies and stir in, then quickly tip into your tray and pat down with the spatula, before they cool sprinkle over some sparkles


Pop on the side to solidify and then cut into tiny squares (not too big, remember the consequences of sugar rush in small people) and serve in a sticky, sparkly pile!


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