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Dairy free life – flapjacks

I love a flapjack – all gooey and chewy and still sort of good for you.


They are also perfect to give to new Mums – a quick burst of sugar-y energy and the slow release energy of the oats and the oats are also good for milk supply.  And they’re easy to eat with one hand.


I got to meet my newest nephew last week and so rustled up a batch of these and realised that I should make them more often since they are just so easy.   This recipe is a mish mash of various ones I’ve found – it seems to be fairly foolproof and doesn’t matter if you aren’t too accurate with the measurements.


Dairy free flapjacks

8oz dairy free spread

8oz soft brown sugar

5 tbsp golden syrup (it now comes in a handy squeeze bottle which means less off-putting sticky mess)

12oz rolled oats


Melt the dairy free spread, brown sugar and golden syrup together over a low heat in a large pan (you’ll be mixing the oats in later so need plenty of room for them) until all melted and mixed together.


Slowly pour in the oats whilst mixing in until they are fully covered and coated.


Turn out into a lined and greased flat tray (mine is about 30cm x 23cm) and I use pre-cut pieces of bake-o-glide so I don’t have to do the cutting or greasing bit.


Bake in at 200 degrees C for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.


Cut into flapjack sized pieces and leave to cool.


This keeps really well in a tin and you can make tiny slices so the small people don’t get too much of a sugar rush afterwards!


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