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Operation Big Girl Bed

Things you do not want to hear as a working Mummy when your project has just tripped into crisis mode ‘oh we’re going to try Littler in a big bed tonight’…


The only rational response is noooooooooooooooooooooooooo and to sit under your desk wondering if you can sneak out of the office for 10 minutes to buy some earplugs.


To be fair, Littler is growing up so fast – since her littlest cousin arrived she has become even more grown up – and she barely fits into her cot.  Admittedly this could have something to do with the menagerie of animals that have to join her in there, the two duvets and the blankets she likes to snuggle under.


But even so, what kind of mad house decides to start Operation Big Girl Bed on a weekday.


Obviously only us.


We tried to move Bigger to a Big Girl Bed before Littler arrived, hoping that we could get away with the baby going in her cot.  It sort of worked until she realised that her cot was intended for the baby and then staged a sit in and refused to move until she got her cot back…  She finally moved out of her cot at 3 when she had totally grown out of it and had obviously been convinced that Littler no longer had any designs on it.


I was lucky, I got stuck in a meeting and couldn’t make bedtime so arrived home to discover Littler tucked up in the bottom bunk with her animals around her, the bedrail in place, her turtle sending pretty green stars onto the bottom of the top bunk and her peacefully asleep.


And I went to wake her up at 7am this morning and she was still there, still happily asleep, and woke to smile at me as I congratulated her on her first night in her big girl bed.


Bigger needless to say ended up in an entirely different room – not sure if she realises that her sister may be taking up primary residence if she isn’t careful.


I should have known Littler would be fine – must stop underestimating that child.


Please keep fingers crossed that tonight is equally good.

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2 comments to Operation Big Girl Bed

  • Yvonne

    Congrats on the victory!!!
    I’ve always found that the things I dread the most in fulfilling my parental obligations usually turn out to be the easiest. It’s those things I haven’t given a thought to because I assume they’ll be a breeze that end up kicking my a**.

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