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All change

I’m not the best at change – I can talk a good game but in reality I quite like things to stay as they are so I know where I am. 

 Trouble is that at the moment so many things are changing that I feel as if I’m trying to navigate through a continuously shifting landscape and it is hugely unsettling.

 As of this week Mr Muddling is having a break from working – I’ve never been someone who has fantasised about being a kept woman but the reality of being the only one getting up and out in the mornings is a little daunting.  Not least because I want to be at home playing with the rest of them.  I suspect that I am going to feel quite sad over the coming months as Mr Muddling and the girls get to have fun whilst I’m working away in the office. 

 It’s been exaggerated by work being busy and I have been getting up earlier and earlier and staying later and later.  Bottom line is that I miss them all and feel a bit left out.

It also means an adjustments on the home front – will I be coming home to cooked dinners (unlikely), the washing done (possible) and the such like.  We’ve got ourselves into a good routine that hasn’t really involved Mr Muddling over the last few weeks and now we’ve gone to the other extreme of having him around all the time.  Feast and famine as it were.

I’m sure we’ll get it all sorted out, there’s just a part of me that wishes that we didn’t have to.

In other wonderful news I have a new nephew!  Can’t wait until Friday when I get to go and have my first cuddle with him (must get around to finishing his present – it’s 90% there but should probably attach arms and legs before handing it over!)


p.s. I seem to have been having some issues with my spam filter and comments have been disappearing into the abyss that shouldn’t have been – if it’s eaten one of your comments could you drop me a note on Twitter or email and I’ll try and retrieve it

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