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I think men might be cleverer than women…

 I think it might be time to concede victory in the intellectual stakes to the male half of the species.


Reluctantly I think we need to accept that men have got one over the fairer sex and have outwitted us fairly and squarely.


Simply put the evidence is that men stopped wearing high heels.
Yes, we can have a carve out for the platforms of the 1970s and the cowboy boots but, despite both halves of the human race having worn heels a few hundred years ago, men saw the light and realised that wearing heels is a crazy idea and opted out.


Because it is utterly nuts.
Yes, they do sort of make your legs look longer, can make your bum appear a bit smaller possibly and make a nice tip-tapping noise.


On the other hand you spend a day trying to balance on the equivalent of a vertical pencil, can’t run without looking like a numpty and wobble away at the first sign of uneven flooring.


Add in a bit of rain and you discover that balancing on your tip toes and pencil ends doesn’t exact give you much in the way of grip, especially on nice flat polished surfaces.


You can’t stand up for any significant length of time without your feet hurting and having to impersonate a flamingo balancing on one foot at a time to try and reduce the pain and invariably you find yourself having to carry and extra pair of flatter shoes for when it all gets too much to cope with.


There’s a reason why half the population gave up on heels – you can’t build an empire whilst worrying about your balance.


Ladies we need to take back the kitten heel as our best hope of winning the war of the sexes!

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