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Is the written letter really dead?

When did you last write a letter? 


When did you last receive a letter?


On the Today programme this morning, economist Ian Senior opined that “the sad truth is that the traditional physical letter is only there for people who can’t send emails”.


I’m not sure that this is right – I’m not sure that hand written letters are the preserve only of those who can’t or who won’t embrace modern technology.


Yes for an awful lot of daily communication email is a great substitute but there are some things that still need a proper letter, preferably handwritten. 


What about thank you cards? 


Wedding invitations? 


Birthday cards? 


And what about postcards you pop in the mail to remind friends and family that you are thinking of them?


For me a letter is far more meaningful than an email
Is this because I spend my working life crouched over a computer tap-tap-tapping away at emails and documents? 


Is it because I’m a die in the ditch Luddite? 


I think not, I just think that, whilst technology has moved on and electronic communication has changed our lives, there is still something very important about putting pen to paper.


Despite being fairly gadget obsessed I still keep a paper diary with handwritten lists in it – I just cannot get an electronic equivalent to work for me. 


Same goes for Christmas cards – I’ve tried sending out electronic ones but the handwritten versions with a message scribbled on it just seem more personal?


Am I showing my age or are letters still very much alive and part of our lives?

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