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What a day.


One of those days where I am I pulled in too many directions – exhilarating in some ways, frustrating in others.


Have I managed to do any of those different roles even adequately?


Who knows.


Work hasn’t been great this week (for that read utterly nuts, unremittingly nuts) and I’ve had to work on days when I had hoped to be off with the girls.  Same old.


Today was more exciting than usual – next week is going to be interesting.  It’s at time like these when I remember the things I love about my job – the pointy edge of the life of a company and the people who work for it and juggling calls, viewpoints and trying to get it to all come together.*


The downside of this has been having to juggle with the girls – we haven’t had a full day together but we have had this afternoon and it has been fun.  I guess I’m lucky that they know and understand that sometimes I need to work.  Guess training them from an early age helps!


But we’ve had cake, we’ve had fun, we’ve had cuddles.


And the best bit is that I’ve just got off the phone with my boss and I don’t need to be in the office tomorrow, in fact it was almost a call where he seemed to be sort of understanding that part time does mean some days not being there.  Progress of a sort.


So tomorrow a full day with the girls and yet a day where I’ll be checking my Blackberry, answering emails, on the phone but I will still physically be here.  I’m going to see Bigger at her swimming class, take a whole big bag of baby clothes to my sister who is due any day and we’re all going to have lunch together.


Yes the juggling does mean I’m not always 100% doing all the things I should be, but do I have to give 100% to everything all the time?  So yes I’m frazzled, tired, in need of a break but it’s sort of ok.  Or at least it is until the next crisis and urgent call I can’t ignore when the girls are seeing how loudly they can scream…



*sort of tricky to explain what I do…

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2 comments to Frazzled

  • I’m with you. We don’t have to give 100% all the time.
    I’ve given trying to be the perfect mum. I still remember the looks other mums in the office gave me when I admitted to this!
    I went back to work full-time with my first two kids, but am now a WAHM. This week, my Older commented how I’m always on my phone, and I had to explain to him that I’m not having a friendly natter with mates but actually checking emails for work.

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