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Weekend knitting projects – knot top hat

Time is flying past – where has January gone? – and there are babies that are due to arrive very shortly that I am knitting for so when I saw this pattern on Ravelry for an Easy Peasy hat it had some attractions, not least because it allowed me to carry on with my magic loop obsession and to finish off the yarn I’d had to make an Iris Monster, a monster that I had got to an inch of finishing the last leg when I ran out of the wool….


I did tweak the pattern a bit – the knot is made of 4 stitches so I could carry on magic looping and because I seem to have an inability to not tweak things… call me bad at following rules or something


So another project ticked off and fingers crossed for a happy arrival in the very near future to send this off to.  I wonder, is it just me that sits and thinks thoughts and dreams for the baby to come when knitting for a bump?


And yes, that’s a glimpse of the largest fridge in the world and a corner of the Kitchen That Was Worth It

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