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Name that chicken!

We have just taken delivery of three beautiful new chickens to add to our existing and definitely not pretty pair, Betty and Ginger.  Hard to describe how not pretty Betty is but put it this way, she started off life as a chick known as Ugly…



Our three new girls are definitely pretty hens – it was a little bit strange looking down a list of possible breeds and having to pick the nicest (so how long have you found chickens attractive Madam?) but we settled on a Cambridge Blue, a Speekeldy and a Longhorn (mostly because she is supposed to lay white eggs – how exotic).  My original, very pretty chickens were Light Sussex but I’m sure these will be more resilient and won’t do anything silly like drown themselves.


Goodness knows what our Heinz* current pair are thinking.


So the important question is now what to call them.  We haven’t got to know them yet, there may be chicken-y characteristics that come to the surface but I do rather lack inspiration.


So what are your top 3 chicken names?  What do you think these girls should be called?


*Heinz as in 57 varieties, not because of any colour similarity to baked beans

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