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Tah dah – the Far Too Big Blanket is done!

I’ve written a few posts in the past about the granny stripe blanket I have had on the go (here, here and here for starters) – turns out that it is a perfect lesson in not biting off more than you can chew and certainly in not thinking that another foot or so of width really won’t make much of a difference.  Trust me, it does.


But here we are, a good year after I started it (although to be honest I did get distracted by other things along the way) and far too many balls of wool later I now have a kingsized multi-coloured granny stripe on our bed.  It is beautiful, utterly beautiful and worth all the hours it took to get here.  Which when you consider that each stripe took an hour and there are 100 of them plus the edging plus sewing in all those ends it is quite a large number of hours.

Here is the story of its life – how it started out one evening and then grew and grew and grew.  It was a project I fell in and out of love with but ultimately it all came together into something beautiful that I can enjoy every time I walk into my bedroom and snuggle up under every evening.



Woe betide the first person to spill anything on it!



PatternAttic 24’s granny stripe

Wool – Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino (please don’t ask me to calculate how much this ended up costing, I was lucky enough to have various people give me balls plus found some on sale but I probably should have used a cheaper yarn)

Hook – 4mm

Time taken – hours and hours and hours

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