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A bit of blog introspection

Whilst I’ve been off having my bloggers block, I’ve been doing a fair amount of reading of other blogs – nothing like reading great blogs to ensure that you don’t hit publish on a post anytime soon I find…


What it has made me do is to think about what I am writing here and why.  I started this blog because I wanted to write something that wasn’t the usual dry reports I write at work, it was a forum for me to be able to stand on my soapbox and put forward my views on issues I felt strongly about and then it became my lifeline into the world when I got confined to my bed.


That was nearly 3 years ago and life has moved on, changed, evolved and whilst it has got prettier and things move around a bit, has this blog changed as well and kept up with life?


I’m not sure – there are things I still need to write about our dairy free journey and where we find ourselves now, I still want to be able to stand on my soapbox and shout out when I think things need to be said and it is somewhere I can record some of the things that are going on in my life.


So a simple question to you – as you read this what do you like?  What don’t you like?  What do you want more of or less of?  Come out of the woodwork and tell me how you came here and why you come back – yes you lurking over there, say hello, I know you’re there and I’d like to know what you think

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28 comments to A bit of blog introspection

  • Hello lovely lady, tis me lurking in the corner. I love how fresh your blog looks, whenever I consider changing the colour of my blog I always think back to the blogs I like the best and they are always the clean and fresh ones like yours.

    As for your writing, I like that you are totally honest and not afraid to say what you think – don’t change x

  • Regular reader here!

    I like it over here as it is non predictable and I never know what I wi find, that to me makes good blogging x

  • I visit because you write what you want/need to say. Whether its the tough timed your having or your weekend makes. I visit because you come across as real, grounded, honest and most importantly because you write for you. I do not want to read posts written becamuse you feel you should or ought to. If your cross then rant. If your happy then.share

  • So many blogs go so far out of their way not to offend that they end up not having opinions on things. I love that your blog doesn’t do that – you talk about issues and have opinions and I might not always agree, but it’s always interesting to understand your perspective, and sometimes adjust my own views. I’d love to think you’d keep doing that.

    As to what you write, I think if there is a magic formula, it’s “write about what you find interesting, in your own way” – your writing is fab, and if you think it’s worth writing about, then it probably will be!

    • That’s the bit I have been dithering over – I see others shying away from strong views and wonder if I should too. But I shall not be a sheep and carry on as if I’m just doing this for me and anything else is a bonus

  • I like to read blogs where people tell me about their lives. I find you do that so in my opinion I would keep going as you are and do whatever works for you.

  • I love your blog exactly how it is. I love that you have a mix of posts, some about normally everyday life, some about issues that are important to you. It’s a great mix. I love that your blog isn’t just about family life and adore your Friday Rant Club posts. 🙂

  • Corinne

    I also simply enjoy the mixture of posts. I have been making an effort to read more of a range of blog posts recently and am really enjoying it.

  • I really enjoy your blog and yours is one of the few I have managed to keep up with in the last few months. I’m not sure what it is about one blog that makes me read it over another – I think it is just that I feel a connection to certain bloggers over others, though I’m not sure what it is within the blog that makes that happen. I like that yours feels quite personal, and gives us a little insight into your life. I find the topics interesting and you are very honest which I think makes a good blog.

  • I really enjoy reading your blog. It’s really personal and I love your honesty. I like how you write for yourself and not write what you think others want to read. The least read bit for me would be the dairy free life posts but that’s just because it’s not relevant for me. Only one negative point would be the Friday Rant Club. I always enjoy what you have to say in these posts but it’s a shame they’re on a Friday – such a negative way to start the weekend. Unless of course the aim is too get out all the moans of the week before the weekend starts!

    • Aim is to get things out of the way before the weekend so poor Mr Muddling doesn’t spend Friday night having his ear bent! Especially if he’s been away all week and I’ve queued a list of things to tell him about!

  • I like the way your blog is quite varied in what you talk about, whether it’s a topical issue, a personal story or a rant. It’s definitely not predictable. And I love how honest you are.

  • Emma Dowling

    I love your blog as you are a real person writing about the dilemmas that real parents face. You discuss your life and family but also wider issues.
    I love your recipes (esp the soda bread one!) and your craft projects which inspire me. I love reading blogs and have a few bookmarked to read regularly. Yours is one of them, and the mark of a good blog to me is regualar updates which you have been great at doing, despite obviously working, having building work done, and other issues.

  • I am sure I am your most loyal lurker and think I read every post but am so rubbish at commenting, plus you usually sum up your argument so well that I have little to add, so really I like everything.

    I love when you get on your soapbox as you always seem to pick issues that I have been thinking about and hit the nail on the head. I also really like your crafty posts – I get really inspired seeing what others make and have to admit I am keen to see sneak peaks of your house changes – but that’s just nosey.

    *crawls back into her lurking corner for six months*

  • I like the fact that you are unusual in that you are working and working in a mega-job in London – it’s very different from the norm.

  • I too like your crafty posts and could look at photos of your gorgeous blankets all day. I always favourite them in the vain hope I’ll one day get round to making something similar but who am I kidding!? 😀

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