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Every cloud has a silver lining… or something

As you may have noticed, things around here have been a bit of a misery-fest.  2011 did its absolute best to get what had been a fairly rubbish year to go out with a bang.


Thanks for that 2011 – really appreciated your efforts.


And then, despite having very low expectations, 2012 didn’t get off to a terribly good start what with the double dose of chicken pox, it turning out that I am more than averagely delusional when it comes to pregnancy symptom spotting and work kicking off and demonstrating all of the dysfunctionality that a couple of weeks away from it had erased from my psyche.


But here we are, rushing towards the end of January.


I had forgotten that there are good things to be had in January.


Like my birthday.  Which it appears is this weekend coming and WILL be a good one.  Not least because I had decided that if the Queen can have two birthdays then so can I – I will be having a joint birthday party in the summer around Mr Muddling’s birthday and that will be a good thing (and means I can keep on lobbying that we get around to building a pizza oven in the garden!).


The lingering inertia of Mr leaving his job continues but there is a silver lining – he is far more relaxed than he has been in years, has time to go to the physio sessions he needs to get his knee put back together again and is getting to spend time with the girls.  All of which are good things.  Obviously I reserve the right to change my mind in the not too distant future, but it is nice having him around a bit more and being less stressed.


Life isn’t perfect around here but is it ever?  We ARE lucky and we can use this bump in the road to be a positive thing.  All I need now is the builders to come back and finish the house off, us to get that positive pregnancy test that is long overdue and for my nutty client at work to be abducted by aliens.


Or something…

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