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Signs I am turning into my mother No2

I have just spent 10 minutes rummaging in my knicker drawer to make sure I have matching knickers and bra and yes, I did think, I must have nice undies just in case, you know, something happens and someone sees them.  For the record I am thinking more about getting knocked down and less about tripping over a lothario that sweeps me off my feet.  Not that that wouldn’t be nice, just terribly unlikey.


Yes, it would appear that I am turning into my mother – I am sure I had a conversation when she was this age about matching undies.


Oh dear.

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4 comments to Signs I am turning into my mother No2

  • Lou

    I am very sad – I have everyday bras and knickers that do not match, and lovely snazzy expensive ones for ‘special occassions’ or for when hubby has been working away and is due home…..lol

    I used to have everything matching, but as I got older and wider it became less important…..hmmm should really do something about that I guess

    Lou 🙂

  • Aly

    I don’t have ANY matching underwear.In fact my bras are ones which I had whils breastfeeding which stopped 4 months ago *makes note to go to M&S*.

  • I have one mathcing pair left, Myla don’t you know, from back in the day. I did try them on recently. Alas, it wasn’t pretty.

  • I don’t think my bra and undies have ever matched and I’d really rather not know whether my mother matches hers!

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