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Down with New Year Resolutions!

As happens every January I have been dithering about whether the New Year should mean the start of a new me.
My biggest block to this is that I have a January birthday – I have spent years trying to sort out birthday drinks or meals only for the majority of people to cry off because they are either broke / on a diet / not drinking (delete as appropriate) until February.  Which is all very well but does generally lead to a fair amount of Muddling grumpiness.

I’m getting around the birthday misery by agreeing to hold a joint birthday party with Mr Muddling who has been blessed with an August birthday…  we shall see if this is a better approach or not.
Anyway, back to resolutions.
I would love to use January as a chance to get a new me but you know what, I don’t actually think there is any month in the year when you are less likely to stick to resolutions.  In case you haven’t noticed it is dark, cold, damp and generally miserable out there.  The news is full of stories of woe and everyone is looking at their finances and wondering if A-B= >or<0 by the end of the month.  It is just not a month when you are going to want to start something that you might fail at and which will then make you feel EVEN MORE MISERABLE. Studies have shown that 88% of resolutions fail and 23% of them don't even last a week.   So down with resolutions!   Do it for yourself! Do it for the people who will have to cope with you being all miserable because you’ve given up the good things in life!   Do it because this really isn’t the time to be starting something that is just going to make life harder than it has to be in the grimmest month of the year!   Do it because why resolve to do difficult stuff today when you can put it off until tomorrow!  Or next month!  Or Lent!  Or perhaps next year!

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