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The Chicken Pox survival guide

Not an ideal way to start the year but hey, they have to have it at some point…  That said I’m not convinced that vaccinating isn’t the way to go, it may be a mild childhood disease but it has been hard work for all us, not least the spotty one.


So just in case you catch a batch of chicken pox this year, here are the things that we tried and that worked (or in some cases didn’t) work for us.




Given Bigger started chicken pox on New Years Eve and we were heading into two days of no shops being open (oh super!) we at least had this in the house and ready to hand.  To be honest they need to say what the dosing is but weight, Bigger is big for her age and the dosage they suggested didn’t really seem to work all that well.


Others have suggested Clarityn (you can give it from age 2 if weighing more than 30kg) which lasts for 24 hours but I wasn’t brave enough to give something that might not last long enough.




Give it to them, preferably with piriton at bedtime and accept it is only going to be for a few days – it took 2 days for Bigger to start to get a fever and then she needed this to help out.




Lots of them – helps soothe the skin and so on.  We gave her baths with oats in (wrap up a couple of handfuls of oats in a muslin and let soak in the bath) which seemed to help.  We also tried bicarbonate of soda baths (add a couple of tablespoons to a hot-ish bath) which doesn’t look like it is doing much good but did seem to help dry up the spots.  And lots of people swear by it.


Lotions and potions


We started off using bog standard calamine lotion – as I remembered from having chicken pox as a child it is ok to start with but then dries and itches even more.  It is also a real pain to try and get all the spots covered if you have a bout like we have where every single inch of her body is covered in the spots.


We did try calamine in a glycerine lotion which didn’t dry out and was good for the odd bad patch but again really difficult to get enough coverage before her patience gave out.
Best of all and sadly something we only discovered after a couple of days (thank you so much MTJAM) was PoxClin which is a foam – you can almost spray it over them and it really seems to do the business.  It is specially formulated for chicken pox in children and has been brilliant for her.




Anything that distracts from the spots and feeling miserable is a winner – we found TV wasn’t actually all that great, after a while she got brain fried and even more cranky.  We have played A LOT of fairy snap (thank you Mother in Law for a game I thought I’d hate but that has been a saviour), done fuzzy felt and read stories.  In the middle of the night we have spent hours singing her bedtime songs and making up long, dull, rambling stories that she now seems addicted to – I am waiting for an opportunity to write down the Story of Spotty the Spottiest Cheetah…


She’s also been feeling rotten so happy to cuddle up on the sofa in front of a fire whilst I work on a blanket project.


Our LeapPad has been great – vaguely educational so less guilt inducing and more varied than TV – may need to buy some new games now before the Disney Princess storybook drives us all up the proverbial.


If you get chicken pox, good luck!  It does pass (and quicker than I had realised) – we are just waiting for Littler to get it now.  Oh super, can’t wait!

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