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Weekend knitting projects – manly fingerless gloves

I think one of the things Mr Muddling likes best about our house is that he has a shed.  Actually since we pulled down all the unsightly monstrosities in the garden (which included the horrid half fallen down shed built right in front of the kitchen) we have upgraded, built walls over one of the lean-to’s and he now has something closer to a workshop than a shed.  Either way it is a male refuge in a house of females.


The only trouble is that it doesn’t have heating (I suspect this is a yet rather than full stop sort of statement) and he gets cold hands.


So in a fit of one blanket project coming to an end and wanting something fast to do and a chance to practice my magic looping before I got stuck into an upcoming baby project I decided to give knitting some fingerless gloves for him a whirl.


Admittedly Mark II is better than Mark I so his left hand is slightly less good than his right but they do what they say on the tin – manly warm hands are go!


Manly fingerless gloves


1 ball Patons wool blend Aran (actually only need about half a ball – I’m going to make myself wrist warmers with the left over yarn)

Size 5mm circular needles with at least an 80cm loop


Cast on 34 stitches, put half on each needle and start the magic loop (for the best instructions see here, also the home of my favourite monster patterns).


Knit in the loop (you just knit and end up stocking stitch – so clever!) for about 3 inches to cover the gap between wrist and jacket.  Next row knit 1, increase by 1 and then knit to the loop, on the other half of the loop, knit 1, increase 1.  Knit 2 rows as normal.  Repeat the increasing until you have 40 stitches or more if you have much wider hands to accomodate.  Carry on as is for another 2 inches.  At this point make the hole for the thumb – take off the 1st 7 stitches onto a spare bit of wool.  Meanwhile cast on 7 stitches onto the just finished needle and rejoin the loop.  Knit 2 full loops.  Now decrease for the fingers – I have added in 6 stitches so  reduced evenly around the next row, sort of every 4 or so by knitting together.  Carry on for another 3 inches and cast off.


To make the thumb pick up the 7 stitches off the piece of wool, then pick up another 10 stitches from around the gap (I am useless at this so end up having to sew things together a bit afterwards so don’t worry if it is far from perfect) – create yourself a loop with half on each side of the loop and knit for an inch or so, cast off.


Work in the ends, sew up any holes and present to the man of your dreams with permission from him to spend time hiding away in his shed, especially on days when the girls of the house want to play princesses!

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