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The Friday Rant Club – down with the Disney Princesses

Off with their heads!


Burn their frilly, flouncy dresses!


Remove their high pitched squeaking from our lives!


I am sick to the back teeth of these ineffectual princesses and the messages they are giving our girls and I want them gone.


I don’t want my girls to think that life is just waiting for their prince to come and then a happily ever after.  Because to be brutally honest, you won’t find the man of your dreams just sitting around looking pretty and happily ever after tends to only be that after an awful lot of hard work and even then there are bumps in the road.


I want my daughters to believe in being proactive, active, creative, articulate and self dependent.   I don’t want them to believe that the only way their life is complete is by having a man in it.  I want them to be as happy in jeans and a t-shirt getting covered in dirt as in pretty clothes.


Watching Snow White or Beauty and the Beast or others like this they whole emphasis is on falling in love and falling in love redeeming everything – there is no acceptance that magic doesn’t happen and that just being beautiful and kind won’t cut it in the real world.


I want them to be more like the princess in Zog and less like Snow White.


Come on Disney – if you are going to make us endure these princesses, give us princesses with jobs, careers, who don’t just sit and look beautiful but get out there and do things.  Show us women outside the world of cooking, cleaning and caring.  Show us the sort of role models that we want for our daughters.


I would also quite like there to be less talk in American accents and fewer dress up dresses up I’m guessing I can’t have everything…



The Friday Rant Club is a chance to get those niggles, those irritants, those things that make you want to throw a toddler-stylee tantrum off your chest before the weekend.

Go on, let it all out and if you feel like it there’s a rather nice little button over there on the right to show you that you like a bit of a rant


I’m looking for some guest ranters – if you’d like to get something off your chest send me an email or mention it to me on Twitter. Any subject, just has to be something that has really got your goat

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10 comments to The Friday Rant Club – down with the Disney Princesses

  • Agree with you a thousand percent except I like to think that magic DOES happen. But we are a princess-free household. I’m not sure I want my child to aspire to be a non-working, passive layabout who only has two aims in life – to be as pretty as possible, and be rescued by a man. Hmmm. Is it really 2012?

  • kninki

    Sooooo totally with you on this. Having recently become mother to a girl, I’m starting to fret about this stuff and how I’m going to deal with it/counteract the Pink Princess factor.

    Watching Beyonce in concert while feeding E the other day made me realise I will need to ensure she gets plenty of exposure to strong, positive female role models. I guess Bouncy isn’t a bad place to start!

  • House of boys, Princesses really not entered my radar at all. But I do think that it has got worse since we were young – I’m still fuming over finding the Doctors kit in boys fancy dress section and in the girls… only nurses outfits.

  • Kirsty

    I agree, but… obviously Disney can’t rewrite history and get rid of these films, they are from a different time and their attitudes have moved on, somewhat. The Princess and the Frog is marvellous – Tiana is always on about working hard to achieve your goals – only to be totally undermined at the end when she falls in love with the handsome prince after all. But it’s a start. I haven’t seen Tangled but I think they’ve portrayed a strong woman there too – although again undermined by the ultimate plot? But I think things are moving in the right direction. Although obviously, of Disney were really committed to not perpetuating sexist stereotypes, they’d stop with the VAST and PINK merchandising of all their historical Princess stuff – and we all know that won’t happen. Another of those moments when I feel a guilty relief at having boys.

    • I haven’t seen those two yet – perhaps we need to see them

      I just wish they carried on with decent characteristics in their magazine – princesses baking cakes for handsome princesses or the such like – not exactly inspiring

  • I associate Disney Princesses with cheap nylon dressing-up clothes and pink plastic & steer well clear but that doesn’t stop the MIL buying it for K. I had a shock the other day when K told me she was a ‘ballerina’, not sure where that came from but I suppose it’s all about balance, I can’t eliminate all pink from our lives much as I’d like to!

    • Not so cheap it turns out but still nasty nylon – I’ve fought it but been undermined by various other people. Guess we just have to find stronger princesses to show them not all of them were wusses

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