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Happy New Year!

I’ve held off posting about the start of the new year – I’m uncertain about how I feel about another year starting if I’m being honest.


I am glad that 2011 has finished – it wasn’t a great year, a lot of things didn’t work out as they perhaps should have and I’m struggling to see the silver lining in things.  Hopefully 2012 will be much better.  Or at least a bit better.


It hasn’t got off to a tippy toppy start – Bigger has had chicken pox since New Years Eve, not exactly perfect timing when you think about it and she has been rather poorly and incredibly spotty.  As she is now getting better we are waiting for Littler to get it – not quite sure when that will happen but it has to soon, right?


And yet we have lots to be grateful for – our girls, the fact our house is more or less finished and we’re getting used to living in somewhere a lot nicer than we have been used to, the fact that Mr’s poorly leg might be getting better or at least that he has now got doctors appointments scheduled to get it fixed if it isn’t.  Also the fact that I’ve had so much holiday to take that I have this week off – admittedly I had plans that included more than being in a pox filled quarantine but at least it gives us a chance to spend some time together as a family.


But yet I am still feeling rather ambivalent about this new year – what will it bring?  And perhaps it is that uncertainty, not knowing if this will be a good or a less good year that is driving that.


Despite all of that, Happy New Year to you all – I hope it is a happy and healthy one full of good things for you and your families.

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