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Did we all survive?

Amazing how time can stretch and warp and change – we’ve been away visiting various relatives for a week.  In some ways it seems as if we have been away for an age, in others that we’ve barely been more than a short time away.


Christmas was in some ways super, in others less so.


I guess that is the way things tend to go, right?


Funny how it brings relationship issues jumping right to the front.


That said we survived – we are back home and we’ve spent the day frantically unpacking and moving stuff back into our home.  It is very strange.  This is my home.  We’ve lived here for nearly 5 years and yet it feels sort of unreal and strange.  More on that later.


For now I’m going to collapse in front of a toasty fire and raise a glass to having got through Christmas (and the week before Christmas…) more or less intact – yes the third bad thing happened, Mr has been unable to walk the last two and a bits weeks…


Roll on New Years Eve and  a bit of a party – eek, need to work out what I’m cooking!

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