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Dairy free life – stained glass Christmas biscuits

We’re on a bit of an economy drive this Christmas (to be honest, who isn’t?) and so the girls are making presents for people.  Not only does it give us something nice to do together but hopefully people appreciate the effort and something a bit personal.  At least I’m hoping they do.  Either way, these biscuits are yummy and a little bit unusual.  And there is the small bonus that smashing the sweets up is terribly therapeutic!


Dairy free stained glass Christmas biscuits


Makes about 12 big biscuits plus the star centres (I tend to do two batches at once)


175g plain flour

1tsp (or more to taste) ground ginger

zest of an orange

100g dairy free spread

50g soft brown sugar

1tbsp oat milk (or equivalent dairy free milk)


Time taken – less than a hour, it’s probably 10 minutes to do the mix, 30 minutes to chill and then the fiddly bit is cutting out and putting in the ‘glass’


Cost – I had everything except the oranges and boiled sweets in the cupboard and they only cost a couple of pounds.  I was able to find nice Christmas bags for just over a pound each and could even have packed them in brown bags with a red ribbon to keep the cost down.



Pop the flour, ginger and orange zest in the mixer with the dairy free spread and blitz until it resembles breadcrumbs.  Add in the sugar and oat milk and give a quick pulse to mix in.  Turn out the mix onto the well floured surface and knead quickly into a smooth dough.  Pop in a plastic bag and put in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.


When you’re ready to make biscuits, roll out the dough on a well floured ball to about the height of a £1 piece.  Using a big cutter (we used a big circle) cut out the outside and then use a much smaller cutter to cut out a shape on the inside (we used stars).  Make a hole at the top if you’re planning on hanging on the Christmas tree – this is a tricky bit, I have found the outside of a plastic biro makes a good hole that stays around after cooking.  Very carefully lift onto a nicely greased baking tray.


Smash a boiled sweet in your chosen colour with the end of a rolling pin (as I said, terribly therapeutic) and put the shards into the empty middle of your cookie.  It doesn’t matter if it is all different sizes it’ll melt flat.


Pop in an oven at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes or until the cookies are golden brown and the insides melted down.


Leave to cool on the baking sheet and the remove.  Either add in a thin ribbon to hang from your Christmas tree or pop in a greaseproof paper lined box to put under the tree.


Sit back and feel like a domestic goddess!

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