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Operation de-dust

Incredibly, unexpectedly we appear to be builder free.  Admittedly they are going to have to come back in the New Year to finish off some bits and pieces and we are still waiting for an electrician to turn up who should have been with us on Tuesday but those teeny, tiny things apart, we are builder free!


It has all rather happened in a whirl – one moment we seemed to be months away from things being finished and then suddenly things were getting done.


So Operation De-dust and move back in has commenced.


Despite a massive clean earlier in the week dust is settling back down on every available surface (honestly, how long is this going to go on for?  Months?) and we are still moving things back from the barn and from the various places they have been stashed.


Despite having heaps of storage in the new kitchen so far we only have a bottle of gin and a bottle opener in the cupboards – I’m assuming that by the middle of January we’ll be back to cupboards full of stuff again.  Or not.  Hopefully.


The whole thing feels a little surreal – not least because of scruffy mishmash of a house now looks rather smart.  Can’t imagine it’ll take too long before the girls have stamped their mark on it.  Littler was trying yesterday by hammering every available surface until we removed her toy hammer from her grasp.  I guess I’m not quite ready for it to not be perfect.


Only trouble is that now we are looking at the next project and wondering when we can get stuck into that.  Fortunately it’s only decorating the hallway, although admittedly with the need for a bit of replastering and the such like.


Right – I’m back off to dust down surfaces.  Again.

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