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Bah humbug!

I really am not feeling the Christmas spirit.
I had thought that perhaps it would all fall into place after my brother’s wedding.  That was yesterday and was great fun but today, no, I’m still not feeling at all Christmassy.


In fact the main feeling I have is one of utter overwhelmedness as I look at the list of things that need to be organised before next weekend.


There is so much to do.


It feels less the season of goodwill to all men and rather more the season of an awful lot of do by women.


Presents need wrapping, clothes washed and ironed and then packed, logistics need to be thought through.


I’ve no idea what I’m going to be wearing this Christmas, even if I’ve a vague idea what the girls will be in for the day itself.


It’s not as if we can pop back if we forget things and there’s a lot of scope of things to forget – my lists are developing sub-lists there is so much going on.


I’ve three more days of work – perhaps the office will make me feel less of a grinch.  That said, I’m considering spending the next three days sat under my desk to try and avoid getting sucked into something big kicking off right now.  I don’t have good form for things starting just before Christmas and needing my attention over the holiday period…


And all of this is without taking into account the building works – we look as if we will be builder free from Friday with a few snags and a few jobs left to be done in the New Year.  It just means that as well as everything else I need to get things brought back to the house from storage in the barn at my parents, remove the dust from everywhere and get everything put back where it belongs.  Mr Muddling is immobile so Super Nanny and I have a lot of furniture moving to do…


And I’ve managed to mess up my blog – I’ve updated the theme and its now refusing to keep the header image.  Serves me right for trying to be clever and do stuff when I should really have just left alone…


Is the answer mulled wine or to find another day between now and Friday?


Either way can someone give me the secret of a serene Christmas?

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8 comments to Bah humbug!

  • Knackered Mother

    A little glass of Prosecco before midday on Christmas Day 😉 Happy Christmas x

  • I feel your pain: Christmas is far too perky and stuff. Wish you didn’t have so much to do though. Wish I could help.

  • Answer to a serene Christmas? Bottle of beer, bag of crisps, pristine beach with azure waters and not a cracker in sight. (Mexico, 2001)

    And then came children and it has been mayhem ever since. Although am sure they would appreciate the beach as well were we to return.

    LCM x

  • I’m also struggling with feeling the Christmas, actually. I’m off work this week and am spending almost every minute cleaning – at some point is the holiday feeling supposed to leech in, make me feel sparkly and alive or something?

    I agree with your other readers as well. Beer. Prosecco. Not together, though, none of that grape and grain business…

  • A step at a time, dont’ look at the whole thing.
    And i love that line “It feels less the season of goodwill to all men and rather more the season of an awful lot of do by women.” I thought today i’d love to give my husband the packaged gifts put him in a room and see how he fared. no friggin clue.


  • As always the answer is gin.

    Merry Christmas x

  • Gin and cake, the answer to most things chez auntie

  • I’m with M2M, try to just tick each thing off the list one by one…and try to find a little time, just a little, to put your feet up and actually enjoy a drink. Personally I’m much better with mini bursts of productivity rather than one long slog where I go around in circles and don’t get much done. Hope it’s all falling into place x

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