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The Friday Rant Club – don’t let it snow, let it snow

I knew this was going to happen.


I knew that I’d wake up one morning and there would be a dusting of magical white all over the garden.  And that I would then have to work out how to get us all out of the house and into the barn without anyone freezing.


I guess at the least it puts a bit of added tension into the whole ‘who gets to go and make the tea’ debate.


Part of me accepts that snow can be lots of fun – sledging, snowmen, the prettiness.


Except this year most of me is worrying about the logistics of carrying food from oven to barn, not getting too cold and the small logistical issue of my brother getting married on Sunday and wanting to be able to get there relatively easily.


Not to mention that surely the shops need this weekend to be relatively snow free to have one good weekend before Christmas and those of us dependent on internet orders need the delivery systems not to freeze up between now and next weekend.


So call me a grinch but can we please hold off with the white stuff?




The Friday Rant Club is a chance to get things off your chest before the weekend starts – feel free to post your own (there’s a little badge over on the right if you’d like to show your membership of the club) or to drop me a line and come and guest post here.


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1 comment to The Friday Rant Club – don’t let it snow, let it snow

  • I don’t like snow. there i said it. It’s bloody freezing and extremely inconvenient. I spent this time last year wondering every day if i should venture more than 12 ft from my door incase i couldn’t get home. (i had a particularly traumatic experience in the car that put me off driving in snow for life). I started panic bulk buying xmas dinner just incase we couldn’t get to our destination on christmas day.

    i even suck at snowmen.

    In fact the only thing i like about snow is the not being able to get to work. Oh, i don’t work anymore….i don’t like anything about snow ;>)

    bah humbug!


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