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Clothing crisis!

Oh dear – life seems to have rather got ahead of me or rather I seem to have got behind it.


Turns out that my social life is rather busy over the last week and I haven’t really put much thought to it.


Tomorrow night is my work Christmas party – normally I’d have thought about an outfit.  Something that was easy to carry into work, looked good but not too party-ish (this is work afterall) and could be thrown together in the ladies loo after work.  Except I haven’t even thought about it.  What on earth am I going to wear tomorrow night?


On Sunday I my brother’s wedding and have a nice dress (that I’ve worn to every wedding this year but I’m getting the cost per wear down) – could I wear that tomorrow night?  Or is it risking too much in case someone throws a glass of wine over me?  Or something else happens to it?


So then there’s the wedding – I *think* I have my outfit sorted, apart from the usual worries over what colour tights to wear.  And the small matter that I can’t quite work out where I have put my hat.  Although I do have a back up but then I would like to wear my hat.


Oh and the other minor issue of how I’m going to wear my hair given I have to do it myself.  And I’m not terribly good at that sort of thing.


All of this is slightly complicated by Thursday – can I wear the same hat and jacket to a funeral as to a wedding in the same week?  Or does that trigger some awful etiquette thingy?


And do people wear hats to funerals?  There being a debate about what sort of hat as well, at least wearing a different one would avoid the two slightly different occasions in one week thing but…


Anyone want to come over and be my personal Gok Wan?  My Trinny and Susannah?  My answer to this wardrobe crisis?


Oh and then there’s the teeny tiny issue of what to wear at Christmas – not even started to think about that, or packing for Christmas.


Please excuse me whilst my brain explodes!


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1 comment to Clothing crisis!

  • Do what I do and wear a black dress for everything 😉 On Christmas Day accessorise with a bit of tinsel or wear jeans and a sparkly top.
    No wonder, I hardly ever get asked to do fashion reviews! You’ll have to show us your outfits… Xxx

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