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Shaking myself off & getting back up

Right.  So.  I’m back.


A week off has done a lot of good.  At least not having to blog took a bit of pressure off.  And a week on has at least given me some emotional, as well as physical, distance from everything.


So where are we?


My Gran’s funeral will be on Thursday.  And after a big cry last Saturday I am focused again on the positives – a long life, well lived and the legacy she has left.  I know the service will be difficult – I know that I’ll be upset but the thing I must remember is all the good things, the years of life we have shared.


On the other thing, we are doing ok – we are in a stable position with me working, my part time agreement may need to fall away if things carry on for a long time and money gets tight but you know what, we’re ok.  And very, very lucky compared to many in this position.


Tonight I am making angel costumes for my girls for Christmas fancy dress on Tuesday – nothing terribly exciting, just two pillowcases having a new life as dresses.  I’m thinking they will look cute.  Hopefully.


In other news, the kitchen is STILL not finished.  Maybe we’ll be nearly there before Christmas.  Maybe.  Or maybe not.


I’m still trying to work out if I feel like having Christmas this year.  I had wanted to leave thinking about Christmas until after the building work was done.  Except that doesn’t seem to be a terribly good idea given that it might mean that we don’t have any celebrations if I carry on this way.


And it’s my brother’s wedding this time next week – how exciting is that!  Only issue is how much of the outfit I’ll end up wearing to the funeral as well.  Not entirely sure what the etiquette is around that to be honest.


So onwards and upwards – another week and life goes on.

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