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The Friday Rant Club – just a mother?

Really?  Just a mother?  Do you even know what stupidity you are displaying by calling someone ‘just’ a mother?

Have you any idea what the job description involves?  What a mother actually does?  Have you?


Ok so to clear up any confusion, here is a list of what just a mother will do every day.  Be warned, it is not exhaustive.

Always there

Bum wiper


Drawer of animals and stick men


First aider

Graze plasterer

Hand holder

Imaginary friend’s friend


Knock kisser

Loving arms

Monster killer


Opener of boxes & bottles

Present giver and wrapper

Question answerer

Restaurant service

Sleep soother


Unconditional supporter

Vegetable hider

Washer upper

eXtra set of hands

Yummy Mummy

Zip puller upper


The Friday Rant Club is a chance to get things off your chest before the weekend starts – feel free to post your own (there’s a little badge over on the right if you’d like to show your membership of the club) or to drop me a line and come and guest post here.

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