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It cannot be 25 days until Christmas

No really, it absolutely cannot be just over 3 weeks to go.  And if you are a retailer sending me emails, telling me how many days are left is not going to persuade me to ever shop with you ever again.  Just in case you were wondering.

My house is still a building site and we’re still living in a barn.  I am absolutely, in no way, ready for family festivities to be starting.

I think I have been putting off thinking about Christmas until after the builders have finished.  Except they aren’t finished.  And they are now resolutely refusing to be drawn on whether there is a chance that they will have finished it all by Christmas.  Actually shelve that.  I’d be happy to get a couple of rooms back (ideally the kitchen and day room obviously since we’re supposed to have people over for dinner on New Years Eve…), or at least get to the stage where we can be living in a house, with appliances, and not camping out in a concrete floored barn as it gets colder and colder.

Incredibly thanks to the power of the internet I appear to have actually ordered, if not received, most of our Christmas presents.  I’m also feeling quite pleased with myself that every single one has been bought on money off offers or discount codes.  Trouble is I now have to think about wrapping them (when?) and to try and work out where I put the Christmas cards I bought a couple of months ago when I saw them on 3 for 2.  Oh and then write them.

I was good and found the girls’ advent calendar and filled it up.  Admittedly mostly with jelly babies after it turned out that the drawers were too small for some of the things I ‘d bought to go in it.  Just I know that every morning it will be there reminding me of the great advent count down.

Is anyone else standing here on the 1st of December realising just how much work has to be done in December over and above everything else?

I’m not being a grinch, I just feel tired already and all this extra stuff, and the worrying about all the logistics of everything is pushing me to brain capacity.

Can we all agree that it cannot possibly be Christmas yet?

And if you know how to get builders to move super quickly and get things finished please tell me how to do it!

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6 comments to It cannot be 25 days until Christmas

  • I blame the retailers, the advertisers and those obnoxious people who have already put their trees up and sent their cards. They’re making us feel much more panicky than we should be. 25 days is still quite a long time, but I’m already losing sleep over my lack of organisation….

  • Hope they get a move on, perhaps you could bribe them with posh biccies and extra cuppas?
    I’m off shopping tomorrow, except I may just take your advice and do it online 🙂

  • I was just saying to my husband that I need to slot an extra week in to get everything done. I am no where near ready – we have my in laws staying and the spare room is still piled high with everything we took out of the kitchen when we had it done.

    Impressed at you living in the barn during your renovations! We’ve just had our kitchen done and it took 3 weeks during which we lived in the living room – and that was enough for me. I was going slightly mad by the end. Hope you get in for Christmas.

    • At least another week – my to do list is getting out of control

      When I say barn it’s a B&B room in a badly renovated barn so we are water tight and have heating but yes, this was supposed to take 8 weeks and has now taken 16…

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