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Is there nothing that red lippy can’t hide?

Seriously, is there nothing that cannot be disguised by a quick slap on of Bobbi Brown clove?  Or MAC chilli?

I’ve only managed to get through the last two horribly sleep deprived weeks through a combination of extreme amounts of coffee and a quick slick of red lippy. 

Colleagues seem to have missed the fact that I’ve been barely able to keep my eyes open after lunch (or in fact at any point from first meeting until last meeting) and haven’t picked up on the steamer trunk sized bags under my eyes.

This isn’t due to any genius on my part but I reckon purely to my lipstick.

In the past it has hidden two pregnancies and several hangovers but now it’s coming into its own – now it is able to make me look like a responsible, alert worker rather than the sleep deprived, rest obsessed Mum of two that I appear to have turned into on the inside.

On the plus side BOTH OF THEM slept last night – perhaps we have managed to survive the first of the winter bugs.  Just have to hope the next one holds off for long enough for us to recover.

Have you any other beauty tips to help me fake it through the winter months?   Answers on a post card please!

And finally a couple of random things to help make your money go further in the run up to Christmas.

Most importantly are you signed up to Quidco?  If you’re not, why not?  It is amazing.  Wonderful.  By clicking onto the site you can get cashback on heaps of retailers.  In my case places I’d probably already shop.  And they have extra bits like free postage.  It’s simple, quick and you end up with money back.  Go and sign up right this minute.  I can’t work out why I didn’t do this ages ago.

The lovely people at Seraphine have set up a special discount code for readers of this blog – if you enter MAM15 at the checkout you can get 15% off their range which includes lovely things to wear in the party season if you’re pregnant.

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