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Weekend projects – crochet hat

This didn’t quite turn out like the picture in the pattern but is very cute nonetheless and crochet is perfect for days when you find yourself sat on the sofa under a poorly toddler.

That was my weekend – wall to wall poorly cuddles from Littler and a chance to demonstrate Mummy multitasking at it’s best – yes I’m cuddling my poorly girl, and I’m crocheting, and I’m playing dolls with Bigger.  Go me!

The flowers are the design from the divine Mollie Makes magazine.  Been wanting an excuse to do some.  Really quick and easy to do.  I suspect this may be the start of a bit of a flower power phase.

And even better – this is a project I have started AND finished.  And all in a weekend.  What’s not to love.
The pattern is from Crochet in No Time which I bought when seeking inspiration for projects that might be a littler smaller than the Far Too Big Blanket.

Sadly Bigger wouldn’t cooperate in a photo shoot so here’s one of the finished version perched on our sofa.

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