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Dairy free life – testing, testing!

There are times when I wonder if Littler is pure, unadulterated trouble is a two foot high vehicle.  She just seems to be able to create a degree of trouble that her bigger sister has never even considered let alone put into execution.

It turns out that Littler, in true Littler style, decided to be the only child to manage to pick up a tummy bug that perfectly mimicked the symptoms of an allergic reaction the day we decided to give her the first trial of some dairy.

Typical Littler.

After a weekend of angst, remorse and a lot of washing we must have been the only parents ever to be happy to discover it was a passing tummy bug rather than an allergic reaction.

And then we received the letter with the results of the allergy test – zero reaction to milk products, to soy, to everything except the histamine.

Roll time on one week and we were back, ready to give dairy another go.  This time hoping that the little troublemaker hadn’t managed to find another sick bug to trip us up with.

One fairy cake (with Snow White motif on the top) which had a level teaspoon of butter in the whole mix plus a bit of milk powder later and nothing… no rash, no wheezing, no tummy ache.

24 hours later we decided if we were going to this thing then we had to be brave and REALLY do this thing.  The Muddling Family headed to Pizza Express for Littler’s first ever pizza with cheese*.  She fell on the pizza like someone who was starving, peeling off the cheese and stuffing it in.  Mr Muddling and I watched like hawks but no rash on her skin where it touched, no tell tale rash on her cheeks, no problems.

And in manner of two slightly tense adults throwing all caution to the wind we decided to risk pudding.  Doughballs and Nutella.  Needless to say Littler was in heaven ‘chocolate!’ and proceeded to lick the Nutella off her doughballs whilst chortling away to herself.

Overnight no vomiting, no rash, no wheezing.

It appears that we may be ok.  Yes we are taking it slow but so far, so good.
Fingers and toes crossed that it keeps going this well.
In the meantime, I’m off to buy a jar of Nutella for her.

And if anyone dares to suggest that I have been making this all up (yes Mr Muddling you know who you are) and that I have been neurotic, then they had better be prepared for my reaction.  Admittedly it does look a little bit as if she grew out of this a while ago but we had to be careful, we did, really.

* we’ve been told to start as far from the cow as possible, so cooked dairy products are best because the heat will have changed the protein and made it less feisty.  If all goes well then we’ll be gradually building up towards things like yoghurt over the next 6 months.

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