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Weekend knitting project

I’ve had a spate of knitting and crochet projects that haven’t really got finished. 

The Far Too Big Blanket is really nearly finished but I’m holding off the final parts of the border until we have finished our building works and the house is dust free (right now this feels like never but we will get there one day I’m sure) and I have started a whole lot of baby things for the various bumps due in the New Year and haven’t finished them because there’s no real rush.
So this weekend I not only started a project but finished it too! 

You have to love a quick weekend project – I give you the chunky snood.  This is much better than the one I made in Sirdar Snuggly which shed cream wool onto my black jacket and I love the bright colour.

Design inspired by the one on the wool label and a chunky snood I’d seen over at Hush

On 8mm circular needles using Paton Fab Big cast on 135 stitches (must be an odd number), working in the round work in moss stitch (knit one, purl one) until just before you run out of wool and then cast off.  Sew in the ends and tah dah!

Snuggly and warm.

Only problem is the weather is a bit hot for mine but I’m still wearing it – just don’t have anywhere I can take a decent photo so you’ll have to do with this one

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