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Christmas is not coming!

I cannot be the only one in this situation, can I?

How come everywhere is suddenly full of talk of Christmas?  You can’t watch TV without wall to wall adverts peddling a variety of Christmas infused tat, there are decorations up in shops and my inbox is filling up with seasonal offers and extortions to get myself organised.
How can this be?

Christmas is a VERY long way away.

Several months at the least.

Except then some nice person sent me an email saying it is on 45 days away!  That’s 32 working days!

This is not on!

Christmas cannot be this soon.  Our building works are nowhere near finished, our house is still in chaos and I cannot even start to think about Christmas when we are still camping out in our makeshift accommodation.

The thought of Christmas cards, buying and wrapping presents and the need to do all that really soon fills me with dread.

Would anyone else like to join me in stuffing their fingers in their ears and pretending we still have a long time to go before the big day?

On a similar note, can you tell me how we can get that awful Boots advert off the TV and how I can avoid ever again hearing the X-factor wannabes terrible M&S advert?

Right, I’m off to convince myself it’s still October.  You in?

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10 comments to Christmas is not coming!

  • Sam

    I’m in! I have relatives pestering me for gift ideas. Honestly, it’s most definitely not on.

  • Claire’s wrapped up all the kids presents, the inlaws have had theirs and its just my family we need to sort out for now.

  • kninki

    Sorry, but I am uncharacteristically organised this year and have already got cards, wrapping paper and about 50% of my presents bought or at least ordered*. I think with your current living arrangements, you could be entirely forgiven for cancelling Christmas altogether this year, though – or at least postponing til January.

    (*I feel bound to point out that this is highly, highly unusual for me, and driven largely by the fact that I could well be having major abdominal surgery in about 5 weeks’ time.)

  • I think this is the first time in years I’ve been excited about Christmas this early. I think two reasons really. Firstly, I’m rather addicted to Pinterest and that’s full of pretty Christmas ideas (that’ll never be able to recreate LOL). And secondly, this is the first Christmas that my daughter really understands it and is getting excited about it! She’s even compling her own present wish list.

    • Aw that sounds sweet – Bigger has ideas of what she’d like (ie most of the ELC catalogue!) but it’s still not a particularly big thing for us at this age – next year will probably be very different!

  • Kirsty

    You need to get rid of your telly. My only encounter with the M&S advert was reading about it in the Guardian.

    On a more helpful note, I’m finding the NoMoreSocks iPhone app very useful for keeping a note of what I need to buy for people. Thing is, knowing how capable you are, I’m sure you’ll cope wonderfully and get everything organised (but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t!).

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