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The perfect start to a week

This weekend was exhausting – Littler was sick everywhere and I feel as if I have done nothing except laundry (ok there was a really good bonfire and fireworks and a lovely dinner with friends but…).  Bigger wouldn’t settle last night so in an attempt to make sure I could watch Downton I settled her into our bed (the only TV in the house is in the spare room…) so had to sleep with her.  It was the sort of weekend where you look forward to going back to work so at least you can sit down and have a complete cup of coffee without interruptions.


My wake up call this morning was at 5am as Bigger sat up, said her tummy was sore and promptly threw up all over me and the bed.
Nice start to the day.




Bed was stripped, Bigger wrapped in towels and transferred to the spare room and another hour of sleep sort of retrieved.


And the rest of Monday morning started to get back on plan.
I made it to the train station in time to run and just, literally leaping in as the doors closed, got on the train.  I even got a seat at the next station.
And then the train started to go slow… moved onto the slow track and stopped.


And didn’t move for another hour.  And then only to shift forward a teeny bit to the platform so they could think about opening the doors.  Eventually they did agree to let us off despite it not being on the timetable (did I mention that we were over an hour late at this stage?) and I managed to catch a train back the 3 stations to home and have been camped out in our office working from home today.


Mr Muddling was 6 minutes ahead of me and couldn’t get off his train so had to sit it out until the next interchange where, after two and a half hours of standing on a packed train, they insisted everyone leave and get the tube.


I’m lucky – I’m at home and unlike Mr won’t have to try and get back tonight.
Every year things start going wrong with the trains come autumn (wrong type of drizzle today I assume) and every year we curse our dependence on the trains.  Perhaps this is the year we start commuting from one station further up the line and use a different train line?
Better the devil you know?
Who knows?


All I know is that for 2 hours of commuting hell I’ll get back about £12 in compensation, doesn’t make up for the lost time that I’ll have to make up at work or the inconvenience at all.  But you can be sure I’m going to be claiming it.


Anyone else had a terrible start to the week?


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