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Dairy free life – two steps forward, one step back

The trouble with the allergy tests showing that Littler was no longer quite so acutely allergic to dairy and getting the all clear to introduce dairy at home was quite simply that I had to try giving her dairy.


That said when they said a 50/50 chance of it being ok, I only heard that it might be ok and didn’t really focus on the caveat that there might be some vomiting or an upset tummy.  And you know how the medical profession understate things, take ‘a little discomfort’ – ha!  The only time I’ve been told that it was eye wateringly painful.  I should have paid more attention.


So breakfast on Friday morning I brace myself and offer Littler toast with BUTTER!   Actual butter, not marg, not spread, butter!  And she eats a whole half of it before handing it over to her sister who is falling on her buttery toast like a starving creature.


And Friday goes well – we did our jobs, we played together, we had fun.


And for a few hours I thought, blimey, what was all that fuss and worry about and started to dream of pizza with cheese all over it, cakes made with butter and cream and a life with dairy in it.


Trouble was that during the night Littler’s system changed its mind and she was sick.  Horribly sick all over her bed and toys.  So we cleaned her and the room up and changed the bed and spent a day with a sheet white, itchy, unhappy little girl.  Who threw up again when we put her down for her nap and meant another load of sheets needed washing.


She didn’t really enjoy our bonfire or fireworks and went to bed having not had a lot of anything to eat all day.
And then waited until we had finished our dinner before throwing up again.  A third set of sheets went into the washing machine.


Did I mention that we are living in a barn and don’t have a tumble dryer – fortunately we’ve just bought a heated airer, without this the whole weekend would have been a laundry induced nightmare.


By Sunday she was much better and we are going to give it a week to get this lot out of her system and try her with cooked cheese – a step further away from the cow than butter and might be ok.


Two steps forward, a big step backwards.



UPDATE: strange the things you wish for – I was woken up by Bigger throwing up over me and her in bed, perhaps, despite the coincidental timing, she might have had a bug rather than have been reacting.  Who knows?

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