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The Friday Rant Club – tea or coffee?

This week we have a guest rant from Jenny who writes over at the wonderfully named Cheetahs In My Shoes and is having a good old Friday rant about decisions or rather people not making them.
This is a frequent conversation in our house and one that annoys the pants off me (although I don’t do much about it apart from sigh loudly at the appropriate point).
Really, it’s not that hard, is it?
Just to choose between 2 hot beverages – tea or coffee.
One mug of, with or without milk/sugar to taste.
Every day we make thousands and thousands of decisions:  from what pants to wear (ie the clean ones with the correct number of holes), to the most mahoosive life changing ones like moving house or having (or not having) children, it’s decisions and choices that make us what we are.  Shall I look in that direction?
That’s a choice – you haven’t consciously considered it but your brain’s made a decision whether it’s safe/right/good/bad or otherwise.
So, we manage to make the big decisions at work, at home and in our every day lives.  We decide what we feel is right for our children, our relationships and whether or not to have a take-away (that we may or may not be able to genuinely afford) for dinner.
This begs the question;  “Why can’t some people decide between tea and coffee?”  In our house the kettle barely gets cold when I’m home and if you’re having what I’m having, it will mean a bucket of slightly insipid looking Earl Grey tea – which I readily admit is not the choice of many.  Believe me, I’m not going to be lovingly slaving over some fresh coffee beans to prepare a cappuccino a barista would be proud of – personally I cannot stand the stuff.  The coffee on offer is generally the nicest (so I’m told) instant that’s on offer in Tesco’s.  Or maybe, if you’re really lucky and it’s close to DH’s birthday or Christmas, I maybe able to rustle up a cafetière of the stuff – as long as there are no grouts left in the thing from last time as although I will happily deal with bodily fluids, compost and other gunk, I cannot put into words how much I hate clearing out the coffee grouts…
Please – just decide and the same applies to kids:  Milk or water (ok, blackcurrant or apple juice)?  Really, it’s not that hard.  Answering with one choice or the other is polite and doesn’t leave your hostess rolling her eyes in despair about what to make.  “Oh I don’t mind” – is not an answer that helps, nor is “whatever”, “yes” or “errrr…”.
If you can choose between the absolutely to die-for boots or the killer heels, surely you can choose a drink?
Tea or coffee?  What will you be having?  An Earl Grey tea for me please.  Lots of milk.  Thank you!



The Friday Rant Club is an opportunity to get any niggling grievances from the week off your chest before the weekend starts – feel free to drop me a line with a guest rant or write your own and let me know so I can come over and see what has been getting on your nerves!

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