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Dairy free life – allergy tests & an all clear

Today was the big day – Littler had her skin prick tests.


They weren’t terribly fun (they put drops of potential allergens onto the skin and then prick them in with a sharp thing… which obviously went down well, as you can imagine) but the good news is that you do get to find out answers.
And the good news we had is that it looks as if she hasn’t developed a whole bunch of other food allergies that she might have (hooray for the total exclusion diet we’ve all been on!).
The even better news is that we are cleared to do a home allergy challenge.




So at sometime in the rather too near future I’m going to have to give her a slice of toast and butter or a bit of pizza with cheese on and see what happens.  We have a 50/50 possibility that she’ll be ok with it and then just have to work out her tolerance levels.  If she’s not then we leave it for a bit and try again.  We’ve been told not to try when A&E might be a little bit busy but otherwise to go home and relax and give it a go.


I’m a nervous wreck!


I really want her to be able to eat cheese and the like but… gulp… actually trying it when in the past we have had blue lips,wheezing and days of discomfort… double gulp.


So at some stage when I get brave we’ll be giving it a go – cross your fingers for us.


And on an interesting note we were told that it wasn’t worth trying soya products – better to give the real thing a go, just so long as it isn’t too close to the white liquid stuff.
Right – off for a stiff drink after all the excitement!


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