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Babywearing rocks (or how to survive man flu)

Although given that Littler is now 2 it probably isn’t babywearing…

This last week Littler has had man flu – the type of man flu where she wants to be held all the time.  As in all the time.   As in screaming, wailing and shouting when she isn’t held all the time.  Yes, when poorly Littler reverts straight back to her high needs self.

We tend to only use the sling out and about now – she can walk perfectly well.  At least by packing a sling rather than taking the buggy I don’t have to end up with both of them insisting on sitting in the buggy.  And Bigger has accepted that slings are for little girls and not big girls… well most of the time at least.

But when Littler is poorly and clingly the sling comes back into its own.

Normally we carry her on the back – she does a great line in holding on monkey style whilst I settle her in – but when poorly on the front will do.

At least the sling means I can still get on and do some things whilst giving her the necessary cuddles.

Goodness only knows what we’ll do when she gets too big for the sling.  Get a bigger sling probably.  Anyone know any good toddler sized slings?

And apologies for the picture of our bathroom and us both looking a touch frazzled.  The only mirror we have is in the bathroom whilst the building works continue and well, we were both a little frazzled.

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